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Budget Web Hosting Ironclad Security:
We have industry leading, award winning security to protect your site. All our servers go through a 17 point hardening process in addition to continuous monitoring and updating.
Wordpress Hosting Unbeatable Uptime:
99.9% Guaranteed, with a 9 year track record, and a custom monitoring solution to keep your site online and running smoothly
Joomla Hosting Extreme Support:
Our tech support team is there to stand by you, and assist with any problems you may come across. Our agents hold numerous certifcations and are among the best in the industry.

Linux Hosting Information

Linux is the most popular hosting OS for servers. Its known for its reliability, speed, efficiency and security. This is why Linux is a popular choice among hosting companies. Linux was originally started in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is open source, meaning users can contribute to it by adding features or improving on the existing code. At Penguin Web Hosting we are partial to the Community Enterprise edition of the Linux operating system (CentOS) for our host environment. We have used this Linux distro as the OS for our web hosting servers for a number of years now.

One common misconception is you have to use Linux at home if your web site is going to be on a host that uses Linux. This is not true, since the web site is designed in code which is not OS specific, such as HTML or PHP.

Another reason to host your web site with a Linux hosting provider is for security. Linux is an OS that is not prone to viruses, historically has had very few major security bugs, especially in the last couple years, and in the event there is a security bug, it is quickly patched by the Linux community.

We are confident you will find Linux hosts perfect for your website.
Hosting 30 day money back guarantee
Web Hosting Affiliate Program Why PenguinWebHosting?
What makes PenguinWebHosting stand out as a top Linux Host is our take on Security, Uptime and Support. Unlike the competition, instead of being reactive we take a proactive stance to ensure your site is in good hands. Such as proprietary security applications, offsite backups, and U.S. and Canadian based tech support agents.
EZ Site Transfer EZ Site Transfer
When choosing a new host moving your website can be the hardest part. With our Free EZ Transfer we can make that an easier process.

FREE CMS Install
Free Joomla or Wordpress installation service to help you get started. *Upon request.
Penguin Web Hosting is proud to be a leader in green Computing.

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