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Penguin Web Hosting will handle building the PCI compliant hosting server to PCI DSS 3.0 standards, installing the operating system, and configuring the system software. Penguin Web Hosting will also maintain all hardware, and monitor your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. White Paper The 10 Myths of PCI Compliance

If you have an ecommerce web site, you need one of our PCI Compliant hosting plans, as the PCI Compliant Dedicated Server. Restrictions by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) require any online site, to be on a PCI compliant web server, as well as have the database which stores credit card numbers on a separate server, which is on a private network. There are also score of other regulations as part of the PCI DSS standards that we meet on our, and anything that is required on your end we help you meet those, and are here to answer any questions you have. Order PCI Compliant Hosting.

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PCI Compliant Dedicated Servers Details

  • 2 Managed Servers + Cisco Hardware Firewall
  • 17 Point Security & Hardening
  • Daily Log Review
  • Security Consulting
  • Meets/Exceeds PCI-DSS Requirements
  • Quarterly PCI Scanning w/Seal from a QSA/ASV
  • Secure Database Tunnel
  • 499/mo Or 299/mo*

PCI Compliant Shared Hosting Details

  • Managed Shared PCI Compliant Server
  • 17 Point Security & Hardening
  • Daily Log Review
  • Security Consulting
  • Meets/Exceeds PCI-DSS Requirements
  • Quarterly scanning with seal optional
  • Recommended for small businesses and non-profits
  • 19.95/month** Get Started Now

*Available as a single PCI server for 299/mo
**Price based on yearly billing cycle, otherwise 24.95/mo+9.95 setup

The single server is PCI compliant if you pass the credit card directly to a payment gateway, such as and do not store the credit card numbers. Seal not included.

All Dedicated Servers Include

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Extreme Support
  • Premium Bandwidth Providers (Level 3, Global Crossing, Internap, Verizon and more!)
  • Security Upgrades**
  • Premium Server Hardware
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Level 1 Data Center.
  • For specs see special 1
  • Dual Redundant OC-192 Feeds
  • 100Mbps Uplink Speed
  • Firewall
  • Two Tier Backup Power
  • Remote Backups*
  • Offsite Backups*
  • PCI Compliant Servers available

Payment Card Industry Certified Secure

PCI Compliance Information

PCI DSS Compliant Hosting Resources

PCI Compliant Merchant Accounts

Compliance with Paypal Paypal is not just for anyone with a Paypal account, it also allows you to accept credit cards, Paypal works with your PCI compliant hosting plan and does the processing of the cards, so you don't need to store the credit cards online.

Google Checkout Merchant Accounts A name everyone is familiar with, Google Checkout allows you to accept credit cards on your web site, in a manner to be maintain PCI compliance

Additionally PCI compliant merchant accounts are usually available from your local bank


  • Do you support 2 factor authentication?
  • Yes, we have a number of clients who have integrated Microsoft Azure (formerly called Phone Factor) as a second method of authentication in addition to their login. We recommend Azure to help further secure sensitive areas of your site which need to be protected for PCI Compliance. Our hosting packages will work with the PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Java Phone Factor SDK packages. Azure will work in over 30 different countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

  • How does Penguin keep my server secure?
  • We regularly monitor security sites for newly released vulnerabilities as well as frequently update the servers with patches as they come out for Linux kernel exploits as well as patches for the related web software.

  • Do you do vulnerability testing?
  • Our PCI scan will check for over 37,000 vulnerabilities, and we also offer additional scanning and penetration scanning for web applications, and weak passwords.

*Up to 50GB, please keep a backup at your location as well.

**Upon Request, upgrades limited to basic OS and related software

***Guaranteed PCI compliant in 24 hours does not include time to upload your files, DNS propagation, waiting for scan results, etc, guarantee limited to refund of hosting fee, some sites may not necessarily pass all PCI scans.

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