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PCI Certified Hosting

What is PCI certified hosting? It is where a ASV, or Approved Scanning Vendor comes and scans your site, and the server hosting your web site. The ASV goes through a process with the PCI-DSS council to be authorized to conduct PCI scans. All of the PCI compliant scans from Penguin Web Hosting are done by a 3rd party scanning vendor to ensure the service we are providing you is as secure as possible.

PCI Certified Hosting
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To be a PCI Approved Web Hosting provider all scans are done at least quarterly, and we also have a daily scanning option, including with our PCI compliant dedicated servers. The certificate number of our certified ASV is available upon request. Each scanning vendor must recertify regularly. An updated list of PCI certified scanning vendors can be found at There are approximately only 150 certified approved scanning vendors worldwide.

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Most if not all ASV's have at least on CISSP on staff (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). More info on the CISSP certification can be found here. It is important to work with your hosting company to become PCI compliant as almost 75% of all sites fail at least 1 item on PCI scan the first time. A number of those items are on the technical end and a PCI certified host will have experience in fixing them.
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