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cPanel PCI Compliant Hosting

Our PCI compliant shared hosting plans come with cPanel and are a great solution for businesses currently on a shared plan and for businesses who cannot justify the cost of a dedicated server. Please note this plan cannot be used to store credit card numbers online, for that you will need the 2 dedicated server solution.


Become PCI Compliant in 24 hours for $19.95/month


With this plan we guarantee you will pass a PCI compliance scan, or your money back. We also offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee and after 60 days if you are unhappy for any reason you will received a refund for the unused portion of your term. The $19.95/month price is based on yearly billing cycle. In order to provide the low price for this plan and no setup we are currently only offering yearly bililng.

Our servers are PHP and mySQL based, so they will support your existing shopping cart, such as ZenCart, OScommerce, and any other PHP shopping cart. Become PCI Compliant Today.

Security Verified Certified by Trust Guard Privacy Seal Business Verified Seal

Become PCI Compliant in 24 Hours

Since our server is already setup and is PCI compliant, all you need to do is upload your files, then point your nameserver to us, and then have your PCI scanning service rescan you. We also offer a daily scanning service with seal for an additional charge. This scan is conducted by a PCI Compliant Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).


PCI Security

At Penguin Web Hosting we are the leaders in server security, by being on one of our PCI compliant servers you will be shared a server with a low numebr of other users Who also need to be PCI compliant. Since this is a managed shared environment you have the following advantages:

  • Log retention and review handled by Penguin
  • Setup of File Integrity Scanner/Instrusion Detection handled by Penguin
  • Server level security and patches handled by Penguin
  • More user friendly than a PCI Compliant Dedicated Server
  • Quickly become PCI Compliant and avoid PCI non-compliance surcharges
  • High-Quality Super Server with Raid Hard drive System
  • Free Site Transfer

PCI Compliant Hosting Details

  • 25,000MB Disk space*
  • 250,000MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 25 Databases
  • 10 Parked Domains
  • 25 Subdomains
  • Firewall
  • AWESOME Stats
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Daily Backups
  • Offsite Backups
  • 24X7 Tech Support & Monitoring
  • *Why dont you offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth?

Since there is no such thing as an unlimited space harddrive no one can over that.

Thterefor we give ample space (enough for approx 250,000 Products) for most if not all sotres at level 4 PCI compliance level, if y ou are going to need more space and bandwidth than this plan offers, you will need a dedicated server anyway.

Plus if we were to offer unlimited or several times more storage and bandwidth, afew heavy users would slow the server down for everyone else

**Guaranteed PCI compliant in 24 hours does not include time to upload your files, DNS propagation, waiting for scan results, etc, guarantee limited to refund of hosting fee, some sites may not necessarily pass all PCI scans.

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